• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Most Popular Social Sharing Plugin Button for Websites and Blogs

BirghtEdge has published a new report which is about the Most Popular Social Sharing Plugin of websites and blogs, In that report the website includes top 10,000 websites and their adoption of social sharing plugins. The report compared the data from June 2011 and July 2011; show that Facebook and Twitter are both doing very well. Facebook has a clear edge though, while Google already shows signs of being able to seriously compete and can beat other social platform. Google+ surely has had a potential since it’s launched to compete in market.

Google +1 social sharing button is already more common on websites and blogs as compare to the Twitter “tweet” button. The report states that after analyzing the 10,000 largest websites, 450 of them had the +1 button compared to only 340 for Twitter. Facebook is still the dominant force in the market with 2,000 sites using some form of the “Like” button. In terms of the overall number of links out to the various social sites, Facebook leads the way with 47.4 percent of the top 10,000 websites including a link to Facebook directly on their homepage. Twitter has 41.8 percent, YouTube has 16.75 percent, and LinkedIn has 3.7 percent.
According to the latest social plugin comparison includes Google+ the report is very much familiar that Facebook offers four plugins: Facebook Like button (10.8 percent), Facebook Like box (6.1 percent), Facebook Connect (1.9 percent), and Facebook Recommendations (1.2 percent). It’s not too much of a shocker that Facebook is dominating this scene. Not only does the social network offer the most options, but it has been offering plugins for much longer than its competitors. Google +1 button (4.5 percent) is already ahead of the Twitter Tweet button (2.1 percent) and the Twitter Follow button (1.3 percent). Google+ is still in its infancy stages, it’s impressive that they’ve already taken over Twitter in terms of easily liking content on the Internet.

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