• Вс. Май 28th, 2023

Nano-SIM Card Introduced for Smartphones — Micro Micro SIM

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D), a German based technology company has introduced a new Nano SIM Card (Micro-Sim Card) for Smartphones manufacturer companies. According to the company spokesman, the new Nano-Sim card is just two-thirds in size of the Micro-SIM. The company more said that the new Nano-SIM will modify manufacturers to produce such devices that are even thinner and smaller in size.

The new Nano-SIM card measures approximately 12x9mm (less than half an inch around), some 30 percent smaller than the Micro-SIM. The thickness of the card has also been reduced by about 15 percent, a huge amount considering how thin existing SIM cars already are.
Remember that a month’s back Apple had also wanted to bring SIM card smaller in size for their iPhone’s. Apple said that it wanted SIM cards to be even smaller than the already tiny Micro-SIM used in the iPhone 4 and 4S. May be in future Apple and G&D both jointly work together for the next generation of the iPhone.
A regular SIM card and a Micro-SIM card for the iPhone.

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