• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Parents Connection With Child’s Facebook Account — Infographic

If you’re parents of your children than you must aware of merits and demerits of having Facebook account and its usage from children’s. Most of the parents avoid to use Facebook because they don’t have much time to spend but their children’s do and many parents wants to keep an eye on their children’s Facebook account to track what their children’s are doing on Facebook. According to the latest research from lab4292 percent of parents are on Facebook to keep notice their children activities on Facebook and they are actually friends with their children.

The major reason behind usage of Facebook from parents is to connect with their children over the online social network is safety and securities. The research suggests that a marginally higher percentage of parents are worried that their children are bullying others on Facebook. 72 percent of parents know their child’s Facebook account and passwords, while 31 percent parents monitor their child accounts four or five times a week but most parents check their child’s Facebook activities on a daily basis.
Have a look at following Infographic from lab42 to know more about Parents Behavior, Reaction and Connection on their child’s Facebook account.

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