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Past, Present and Future of Microsoft Brands & Products Family — Before & After Era of Microsoft

Infographic about Past, Present and Future Brands and Products of Microsoft Family – Before, After & Upcoming Brands and Products of Microsoft Era
Before and After Era of Microsoft

The year 2012 is the biggest year for Microsoft and its brands and products, because Microsoft is introducing all new and updated products and brands of its family and has changed its style and reputations with all new developments. The current change which Microsoft has made in its 25 Year history was Introducing a new Logo Design concept for its official brand name Microsoft Corporation but not only the official brand name, Microsoft has also developed a new changes to reach globally with the new updated products, brands and software’s like company is preparing itself to introduce new and exciting versions of all company’s products including Microsoft Office 2013Xbox servicesWindows Phone 8Windows 8 OSVisual Studio 2012SkypeBing etc. etc. Microsoft is not only providing brands to Desktop Computers or Laptops but also engaged with Smartphones, Tablets, and TV’s etc. etc. With the development of all new Microsoft products company is evolving and arriving into a new Era of Microsoft Corporation. We are sharing an Infographic which helps you to understand the Past, Present and Future Era of Microsoft’s Family Brands and Products, actually its moreover Before, After and Upcoming Products and Brands of Microsoft Corporation Era. So lets check out the Infographic below.

Past, Present and Future of Microsoft Brands and Products
(Infographic credit goes toneowin

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