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Power of Pinterest for Effective Business in Social Media — Tips, Tricks and Guide

How to Leverage the Power of Pinterest for your Business and How Pinterest is better than Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other Social Networking and Social Media Websites for online growth of Business?
It may not be as popular as Twitter or Facebook, but this online pin board has definitely caught the attention of the virtual community. Here are ways on how you can leverage the power of this social networking site to grow your bottom line.

Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to virtually curate, share, and explore new interests by posting (a.k.a. pinning) videos and images to your own or other people’s pin boards. Members can upload pictures from their computer or perhaps pin things they find online through the Pin It button, Pinterest bookmarklet, or just a URL. Pinterest is a social network meant to connect users all over the world through things that they find interesting.

Businesses that rely on high-volume website traffic to increase sales should definitely consider creating and growing a Pinterest account. Experian released a March 2012 report stating that Pinterest is now the 3rd biggest social networking site based on website traffic. Facebook still takes the lead with 7 billion visits, followed by Twitter with its 182 million visits, and Pinterest with 104 million visits. Just like any other social networking site, Pinterest offers business owners a wide range of activities to market their company to consumers. Here are a few ways on how you can include Pinterest in your social media marketing campaigns.

Power of Pinterest in Social Media

Add the Pinterest “Pin it” or “Follow” button to your website.

Let your prospects and existing clients know about your Pinterest profile. Pinterest gives you several options on their goodies page. Find a button design that works for your business. The Pin It button encourages readers and customers to pin your products/services to their virtual pinning boards.

Feature visual content:

Pinterest is a visual networking site, so you need to establish a pinboard that highlights your company’s visual content. Pinterest is more like every B2C company’s dream. E-retailers can easily feature their products by pinning their images on the pinboard. B2B firms who are selling services or products in the industry have content that aren’t likely visual. Here are a few visual content ideas that you can post.

• Use clear and beautiful images from blogs. Pin images that best represents your content.
• Create a pin board that showcases your firm’s culture and executive headshots. Don’t forget to include a short bio on each person.
• Infographics are a popular trend these days. Pin any industry data that consumers can visualize.
• Take a screen shot of your eBook cover and add it to your collection of papers or documents.
• Pictures of customers. Share a picture of satisfied customers. This also creates an optimistic sentiment towards your brand.

Encourage participation from customers and followers:

Let your customers contribute their very own pins to your pin board. This is a great way to involve customers and fans in your marketing campaign. Select a few enthusiastic customers or evangelists, and make a board that is solely for their pins. Whether you are selling laser printers or bridal gowns, ask customers to pin photos that involves your brand.

Launch a contest:

A lot of brands have already started to host contest through Pinterest. Before you jump in to the newest promotional bandwagon, make sure you read Pinterest terms of use. Ask your followers to make a pinboard on their profile that showcases the things they love about your brand. If you are a clothing vendor, ask your fans to create a board that shows images of them doing cool and fun things with your products. Encourage them to send links of their pins so that you can judge their entries.

Learn more about your target audience:

You can use Pinterest as a tool for learning and understanding the needs of your customers. View your customers’ pinboards and find out who they are and the things that capture their interest. If you have a software that tracks users that visit your website through Pinterest, you can view behaviour trends and discover ways on how you can successfully nurture these leads.

Include links in your pin descriptions:

Don’t forget to include link backs to your landing pages and website in your pin. This will allow more web traffic back to your website. This will also help you evaluate how effective Pinterest is compared to your other marketing efforts. If you are pinning a blog photo about printers, find a link on your site that makes sense and put it in the description.

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