• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Remotely Control YouTube Videos from Android and iPhone Devices

You can now Remotely Access and Control your favorite YouTube Videos from your Android and iPhone Smartphone’s and Device’s. The new Application named «Clik», from the makers of group messaging app Kik offering a new and dynamic way to lets you browse YouTube videos on your phone and control their play on any browser. Your Android and iPhone smartphone will become a Remote of YouTube to access YouTube videos. «Clik App» is available for iPhone and Android Smartphone’s at FREE of cost and it doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to access it. You connect it to the browser you want to control by scanning a QR code at clickthis.com.

After connecting with your iPhone or Android devices, you can use the app to control which videos play on the browser, pause them and favorite them. Multiple people can connect to the same screen. It’s like if one user has its own Video Collection and other person has its own Video Collection and they can play it on the same player. You can walk over to someone’s computer, tell them to go to the website Clickthis.com than you can take control of their computer and see how they react. It’s really cool app indeed.



According to Clik CEO Ted Livingston;

«We really want to do to TV what apple did to the phone. We will launch an API where any developer can develop for this platform. He further said that this feature has been invaluable for multiple-DJ parties where everyone comes with their own favorite videos.»

Click here to Get Free Clik App from Android Market.
Click here to Get Free Clik App from iPhone App Store.

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