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Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes for Hidden Menus On Android Phones, Tablets

Android is the primary mobile operating system for most of the Smartphones, Tablets and Phablets manufacturer, because of its open-source freedom. Samsung is also one of the popular and widely used brand all over the world, due to its wide range of Android-powered devices from low-end to mid-range to high-end including Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy Media Player, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Core, Galaxy J, Galaxy E, Galaxy A, Galaxy Tab S and Galaxy Gear SmartWatch series. Today, we are going to share some of the useful Hidden Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy Devices to Access Hidden Menus.

Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes for Hidden Menus On Android Phones, Tablets

If you’re one of the Samsung Galaxy users, then just open your phone dialer app or phone keypad to enter some numeric and symbolic based service codes. These new and working Samsung Galaxy Secret Codes are exclusively and extensively used by many service center engineers and mobile repair mechanics, but now general public users can also enter into device hidden advanced menu, features and functions parameters, troubleshooting, perform various hardware related testing’s, sensors test, diagnostic test, software options etc. So what are you waiting for? just start dialing below Android Secret Codes now.

  • *#06# — Check IMEI number (International Mobile-Station Equipment Identity)
  • *#07# — Check SAR limit level (Specific Absorption Rate)
  • *#0*# — Test LCD, Display Colors, Speakers, Sounds, Sensors, Touch, and many other hardware functionalities
  • *#1111# — Check Software / Firmware Version (PDA, AP, CSC and CP)
  • *#2222# — Check Hardware Version (RF cal and HW Rev.)
  • *#1234# — See PDA, AP, CSC and CP Version only
  • *#12580*369# — Simultaneously See AP, CP, CSC, RF cal and HW Rev.
  • *#7353# — Test Bluetooth, Camera, Light, Vibration and other functions
  • *#0011# — GSM Network Details (Registration Status, GSM Band, IMEI Status, Frequency Status etc.)
  • *#0228# — Check Battery Status (Level, Voltage, Temperature etc.)
  • *#9090# — Diagnostic Test (RAM Dump, Logs etc.)
  • *#7412365* — Camera Firmware Information
  • *#34971539# — Upgrade Camera Firmware
  • *#0808# — Change USB Settings
  • *#9900# — System Dump Mode (Fast Dormancy, Boost Network Speed, Debug and lots more)
  • *#2663# — Touch Screen Information, TSP, TSK and Touch Key Firmware Update
  • *#272*IMEI# — Change CSC Sales Code
  • #7465625*638*# — Enter Network Lock Control Key Code

BEWARE: Don’t perform any task which you don’t know, without proper knowledge, you may brick your phone.

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