• Пн. Май 29th, 2023

Search Anonymously and Secretly on Stealth Search Engine

Now you can privately and anonymously search internet and web through Stealth Search Engine. Every Search Engine including GoogleYahooBing etc. store and track users private data; such as a user’s IP address and cookies which helps them to deliver better results to related users from word wide but Stealth is a search engine that does not store cookies, track IP addresses or save search terms and provides 100% secret and private browsing experience to users. The Stealth search engine allows users to search the Web and Internet without being tracked by cookies or any other tracking devices. The startup is all about protecting privacy.

Stealth Search Engine doesn’t store cookies, track IP addresses or save browsing history like many of the top Search Engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing do. Websites and a user’s browser communicate and share information through cookies, which can pick up private data from users. Stealth works differently from other search engines and its secure user’s private information.
According to the Jon Cook, Founder of Stealth Search Engine said; 
Stealth Search Engine is a service that allows users to avoid being tracked online. Stealth reroutes clicks to a website so private data such as a user’s IP address are not passed to the site. Stealth uses secure encryption to prevent sharing search terms with sites visited via Stealth’s search. Cook further that said he created his own algorithm for his search engine and he lists reasons to switch search engines.
Click here and start your Search on Web and Internet Anonymously and Secretly with Stealth Search Engine.

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