• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

‘Slide’ program to be shut down by Google Inc. soon

Google’s own company or program Slide has been shut down by Google Inc. according to the sources Slide project was not responding according to the expectations of Google so that company has decided to close Slide program and keep their focus on Google+ Project which has become more popular than Slide. For you information Slide was founded back in 2005 and Google bought the Slide in August 2010. The main concept of Slide was to provide quality apps for Facebook and other Social Networking platforms.

However it looks like none of the apps created by Slide, including the ones made under Google’s watch, were very successful. According to AllThingsD.com Google has closed its San Francisco based Slide division and that the original founder of Slide, Max Levchin, (who also founded PayPal) will also be leaving Google. Some of the popular apps which have been built by Slide program under the supervision of Google were Disco which offers people a way to text chat with groups of up to 99 different people.
Slide has recently launched its new app called PhotoVine under the supervision of Google which is basically an app for iPhone users which allowed people to collect groups of photos, or «vines», and put captions on them that have common themes or interests.

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