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Top 4 Apps to Monitor SnapChat Activity on Android & iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

SnapChat Activity Monitoring, Tracking and Spying

Smartphones and internet are everywhere. Even the little kids settle for nothing less than a swanky mobile phone with data access. As a result, they get exposed to certain content that may not be appropriate for their age. As a parent, this gives you ample reasons to worry. It is important to keep a tab on some of the activities of your kids to make sure their life as an adult does not go sideways.

SnapChat is an incredibly popular messaging service that allows you to share images and short videos with your friends and contacts. The messages or snaps that are shared remain on the device only for a few seconds after they are viewed. In fact, once viewed they are removed from the server as well. Kids are more prone to getting exposed to unsuitable content than any other app as the sender may not be worried about being tracked down. In fact, kids may also send ill-suited content freely. So, it becomes important for you as a parent to keep an eye on what they are doing with SnapChat.

How to Monitor SnapChat On Kids Smartphone using Apps?

That’s a pretty good question. SnapChat is one of the biggest reasons why you would want to have a monitoring system installed on your kid’s device. Thankfully, it is possible to track the SnapChat activities using the spy apps. These spy apps are quite good at doing this job. They will save all the SnapChat messages even when they have been removed from the phone or the server. You don’t even need to have your kid’s device in your person to view the saved messages. You can view them remotely.

However, you will need to acquire your kid’s device physically at least once. This will be to install the tracking spy app on it. Once it has been installed, you would not need to take the mobile phone in your hands ever. You will be able to monitor everything remotely. The spy apps can track Android as well as iOS devices. But, you have to jailbreak iOS to install the spy apps.

We have combed the internet and listed the top four spy apps you can use to monitor snapchat activity of your kids. Here are they:

1. MySpy

MySpy is considered by many as the most reliable spy app for tracking smartphone activities. Not only does it monitor SnapChat messages but all the activities on the smartphone. As far as SnapChat is concerned, it saves all the messages on its server and lets you access them remotely from your account.

2. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy has also earned quite a reputation in the recent times as a very useful, trustworthy spy app. Install it on your kid’s phone and it will make sure all the SnapChat messages are monitored and saved at a central location. You will be able to see all the messages remotely by logging in to your FlexiSpy account.

3. SpyEra

Just like MySpy and FlexiSpy, SpyEra also allows you remote access to all the SnapChat activities on your kid’s device. Once you installed the app on the target device, all you have to do is log in to your account to view the activities. This app works on Android as well as iOS devices.

4. WebWatcher

Now you can have the peace of mind as this spy app makes sure you do not remain oblivious to how your kid is using SnapChat. It has a solid tracking mechanism that also saves all the SnapChat messages. This WebWatcher app can be used on multiple devices as well.

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