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Top 4 Fundamental Cloud Computing Job Skills Professionals Need to Know

Fundamental Cloud Computing Job Skills

Considering Apple is now a customer of the Google Cloud Platform, cloud computing does not seem to show prospects of going anywhere anytime soon. Many companies are switching over to the cloud and during these transitions, there seems to be more specific roles to fill than there are people qualified enough to fill them. The timing to get involved in the cloud computing side of the IT industry could not be better than now. To get a job in cloud computing, it goes a little beyond having the technical skills. It takes standing out and making yourself invaluable to the company, and this post aims to explore some of the fundamental ways to do so and hopefully land a job in the industry.

1. Training and Certificates

Getting additional training or certification in a specific area of cloud computing is a great way to stand out as a candidate and prove the skills that you possessed. There are many programs and online courses out there to help you bring your cloud computing skills to the next level. While the major players like Amazon and Microsoft offer training and degrees, there are also many independent academies that offer their own cloud courses online.

Training and certifications are important, though it is equally important to remember that as technology continues to change, the cloud computing will as well. Be sure to stay flexible and up to date with new developments in the field to ensure your skills are current.

2. Programming

Cloud computing depends on those that can program the cloud-based services and applications. There are many different programming languages, such as Python and JavaScript. You can develop your programming skills and be focused on one language and work to find a job that requires only this one, or familiarize yourself with more than one and show to an employer that you are committed and a quick learner.

As Senior Vice President for Cloud Technology Partners, David Linthicum, said, “What’s driving the shift to cloud computing is a need to get IT spending under control, but most of all a need to create IT platforms that are quicker to program and provision.”

3. Information Security

With cloud computing, there is a significant shift in how companies manage security. One of the most requested certifications for cloud computing is the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, which covers security and risk management, asset security, security engineering and more. Information security knowledge and skills specific for cloud computing are important if you are interested in a position such as security consultant or network architect, or if you want to work in an entirely different area but still want to express your understanding of the importance of information security.

4. Database Skills

Working with big data often goes hand in hand with cloud computing. Understanding how to work with large databases is a crucial skill. There are specific languages associated with large databases, such as SQL, and open-source systems.

Even if you do not want to be completely surrounded by the cloud computing world, you have options! You could work a cloud computing company such as Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure or work for an organization in another space as a cloud specialist. Whichever your preference may be now is a great time to polish your skills and get into the field!

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