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Top 5 Best Blue Chip Shares to Invest In for Maximum Profit

If you are starting a new portfolio and want to have a solid foundation for your investments, there should always be some blue-chip stocks included as part of your investments. Blue-chip stocks are stocks from well-established and famously successful long-term brands such as Coca-Cola, IBM, and Nike that show a solid performance history and are likely to continue on their path of acceleration.

Best Blue Chip Shares

Top 5 Best Blue Chip Shares to Invest In for Maximum Profit

1. Johnson & Johnson

This multinational corporate giant like the others on this list has products that span the globe. Not only do they develop pharmaceuticals and other medicines, but they also produce vaccines, baby products, Band-aid bandages, contact lenses, and a variety of skin products. The company was founded in 1886 in New Jersey and became a public company in 1944. Over the years the corporation has acquired many other Medtech and biotech companies and has seen steady stock price rises almost the entire time.

2. Nike

Founded in Oregon by a track athlete and his coach in 1964, Nike has gone on to be one of the biggest shoe and apparel corporations in the world. They have sponsored many successful athletes such as Michael Jordan, Ronaldo, Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods, which has added to the company’s popularity due to brand-name recognition as well as confidence in the products. Nike has also seen a constant rise in revenue and net income continuously through the years and are well worth a spot in your portfolio.

3. Apple

This software giant is one of the biggest in the world, thanks mainly to the iPhone, but it was still an industry heavyweight since the 1990s with its main competition being Microsoft. The company had some hiccups over the years but founder Steve Jobs was a man of vision and saw to it that the company would be and remain successful. Apple has had a string of successful products since the iPhone’s first release in June of 2007 and it doesn’t look set to end anytime soon. People are more and more reliant on their portable devices than ever, which means to buy stocks with Apple is definitely a good way to have even more reliability in your stock portfolio.

4. Pfizer

The American pharmaceutical and biotechnical company Pfizer is recently best known for making vaccines and their vaccine revenues in 2021 were more than all of their 2020 products combined. The FDA-backed company is projected to continue to do well in the foreseeable future and not just because of its vaccines, but because they also own other products such as Viagra and Advil. The company was founded in 1849 in Brooklyn, New York by two German immigrants and initially produced chemical compounds and moved on to pharmaceuticals and other medicines in the mid-20th century.

5. Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola brand is one of the most recognizable in the world. The popular fizzy soft beverage is consumed in pretty much every country in the world and is usually the bestselling one. The company was created in 1886 in the United States, with its headquarters currently in Atlanta. Coca-Cola also produces many other beverages including other soft drinks, green teas, and juices, under different brand names. It has many subsidiaries around the world and its stock prices have been consistent throughout the years even taking inflation into account. It looks like Coca-Cola is here to stay and is definitely a blue-chip company to have investments in.

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