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Top 5 Best Free Educational Apps for Students Using Android Phones

There are many Android Apps Store available online and all of them are a great platform that provides several Android Apps which can be downloaded by Android smartphone and tablet device users at free of cost. The Android Apps Store helps to free download .APK file formats which consume very less space on the Android devices. All the Android Apps in all the categories are available with distinctive features and functionalities. The various popular Free Android Apps in Education category have been listed below for students.

Best Free Educational Apps for Students

Top 5 Best Free Educational Apps for Students Using Android Phones

1. U-Dictionary

Translate and learn English: This app offers dictionaries in 44 languages in order to strengthen and improve the English of people. The app offers various opposites, synonyms, word meaning and various other quizzes and puzzles to make learning English fun. Also, the app is considered to be as one the best translators. The text can be translated into 108 languages. The app also offers camera translations. The app is available free of cost and helps people to learn English in a quick and better manner.

2. Mind Games

This is basically an Android Puzzle Game for students and kids as it offers human brain testing by providing a puzzling problem. This mind game is very useful to explore child brain and its knowledge as it allows them to think beyond their limits. I am sure by installing this free app, your child brain will be more active. This is developed by professionals that help to learn in a better way. You can download its Android APK file format which can help in saving data and space both in low-end Android devices.

3. BYJU’S — The Learning App

This is the largest learning app with 16 million students already registered. This helps in learning of students through various interactive manners. The program provides a guide for students in subjects of maths and science from classes 4-12. It also provides coaching for various competitive exams like GRE, CAT, etc. The app includes coaching and sessions from professionals and the best teachers. Various personalized learning sessions are created and chapter-wise tests are conducted for every student.

4. Brainly – Homework Help & Answers

This is the best learning app for students because of its features and functions as it offers answers to many popular problems and questions for students. This is the math app that can help kids to sharpen their mind and brain. The app provides great visual experience by being small. This is a third-party app but no compromise on quality. There are many popular Free Learning Android Apps for students and this is one of the highly-rated apps which can be downloaded for free for learning purpose.

5. Hello English: Learn English

This is a fashionable app for learning English with interactive sessions in order to learn English. The app includes various quizzes and games which help them to learn English in a better way. One can play with friends, have a chat box and can even know their scores. One can also learn the new pronunciations of words and even how to speak fluently with the help of this app.

You can download all of the aforementioned Free Educational Android Apps from various online Android Apps Store like 9Apps and all these Learning Apps can help the students to have a proper and thorough knowledge of the things going on in the world. These all are available at free of cost to all the Android users so that they can avail the benefits.

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