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Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Android and iOS — Free Download / Install

Mobile games are super fun and perfect boredom killers. But only a few games make it to the popular categories, for they are much more than just fun – they are easy to play, addictive, and make their place in everyone’s heart and mind. So here we bring to you five such free mobile games that are much more than mere fun.

Best Free Puzzle Games

Top 5 Best Puzzle Games for Android and iOS — Free Download / Install

1. Two Dots — Android | iOS

This game is an absolute addiction. The gameplay and rules are straightforward – your aim is to make matching color dots disappear. As you escalate, you get to unleash different games within the primary app. The game also connects to Facebook and lets you compete with friends. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to put it down.

2. Blockudoku

Another great game is the Blockudoku block puzzle game – it’s simple, engaging, and absorbing. The game offers endless fun and consists of several fantastic levels. It isn’t like any other block puzzle – your aim is to play on a Sudoku style 9×9 board and clear as many shapes as you can, keeping the playfield clutter-free. The game challenges you at every level without leaving you overwhelmed or anxious. BlockuDoku is an excellent stress-buster besides being an outstanding boredom killer. What else would one what?

3. Monument Valley — Android | iOS

This puzzle is so much more than just a fun mobile game – the visuals quite literally take you into a different world. Although there aren’t many chapters to work through, each one feels different and thought-provoking. The game is a story of a silent princess you take across diverse landscapes to complete the said goals. It’s a very gentle game with no time limits, magnificent graphics, and soothing sounds.

4. Piffle — Android | iOS

Piffle is a super cute, aesthetically-pleasing arcade game that can keep you entertained no matter what you’re doing or where you are. Piffle, too, is a block puzzle like BlockuDoku, with fascinating visuals and amusing sounds. There are so many levels that you’d ever get through all of them. The goal is to clear all the blocks before they reach the bottom – sounds simple, but is very intriguing.

5. Crossy Road — Android | iOS

From the developers of Piffle comes another excellent game, Crossy Road. Your aim in this game is to cross busy roadways as a character like a chicken or a dinosaur. If you take too long, a bald eagle swoops you down. The gameplay is easy to get hold of but super challenging to master.


If you ask us, we really liked Two Dots and Blockudoku puzzles. These are easy to play and master, and you’d undoubtedly be hooked to their gameplay within no time. Both the games are light on your eyes and mind and amongst the best ones on the Android’s Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Try these once, and let us know how you liked them.


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