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Top 5 Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends for Businesses

Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends

Social Media popularity can be hardly questioned by anyone today, so it is not odd that marketers take advantage of this fact too. Businesses have already appreciated how effective SMM can be and continue looking for new ways to take the most of it. An effective strategy can bring outstanding results. But what is the key to creating a strategy that brings the best results? One of such ways is keeping up with social media trends in marketing and attract customers offering them innovative and new experience. These trends change every year or acquire new features, so to remain competitive in the market every business owner must be aware of the media trends.

What Are The Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends Of All Time?

1. Chabot Trend

Chatbots are not a new thing in SMM but since their introduction, they have undergone significant changes. Today they have little in common with robotic machines. They can cope with a variety of responsibilities even more efficiently than humans do. Gartner reports that by the end of this year over 20% of the business content will be generated by machines.

Chatbots have been provided with many human-like features. This allows them to interact with the audience at the professional level and thus, offer a high-quality service to every customer. Even if you ask a bot to “write my research paper for me”, chances are you will get an answer how to cope with this task quickly and without much effort. Besides, it will help you respond to a bigger number of customers faster and easier! Also, such bots can promote the brand voice and send personalized notifications, so it is not a surprise that a Facebook Messenger can boast of 100 thousand active bots today.

2. Domination Of Ephemeral And Quality Content

Every marketer knows that “Content is a king!” and its role is very significant in attracting users and encouraging them to take actions. This year a shift towards personalized, relevant and quality content will remain at the top of its popularity. What does it mean? People will look for new great ideas and user-generated content to engage people of different age and interests.

Another important trend is ephemeral content. It includes all sorts of content including stories, images, and videos that will disappear in 24 hours and make more people hurry up to view them. Why do you need it? Such ephemeral content encourages users to take fast actions and marketers take advantage of this. One of the most popular directions in this marketing strategy is storytelling — both Instagram and National Geographic are bright examples of this strategy success.

3. Video Format

Next, to the rapid growth of mobile internet consumption, there is a significant increase in the use of the video content. This fact is proven by various studies. Thus, in 2017, 90% of all the content users used to share on social media was video. In accordance with Kenshoo research, in 2017, marketers spent 130% more money on video advertising than previously. These figures only prove the fact that video is a very important advertising tactic today. However, video content must be relevant and appealing to reach the target audience and for many companies, it is a problem. Too saturated video market and a challenge to capture a viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds are unachievable goals for some business representatives.

4. Hiring Influencers

Social media marketing strategies surprise with their variety and efficacy. As hiring celebrities, politicians and other influential people have confirmed its marketing success in the printed editions and on television, why not use this trend on social media too?

Many brands look for influencers who can effectively promote their products and services to hundreds of thousands of their followers. It was estimated that this way of promotion is 11 times more effective than digital marketing. In addition, almost half of the people surveyed admit dependence on influencers in the choice of their purchases.

This year we believe that influencer marketing will be connected with video advertising to bring about more profit.

5. Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

With the invention of augmented and virtual reality, these marketing tactics began to be implemented in a variety of industries, and social media marketing is not an exception. These techniques allow marketers to reach their target audience easier, faster and guarantee them better interactivity. Thus, it is a trend that all businesses should adopt!

With AR and VR, companies received a chance to showcase their products in an absolutely new way interesting for others. It also provides a better experience for users. There is nothing strange in trying on some clothes online or adding furniture pieces to the real rooms. In addition, this year when Facebook is planning to release its project called Spaces — a platform to connect friends in virtual reality, so it is, without a doubt, the time not to follow behind and implement these tactics in your business marketing as well.


SMM trends have been getting more and more innovative since their introduction by marketers. This year will not become an exception allowing numerous social media users to get new shopping experience and businesses to increase profits.

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