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Top 5 Health and Fitness Android Apps Review for Phones, Tablets

If you’re one of those who takes pride in your health, then having the appropriate apps to keep up with your routines is paramount. Smartphone providers have for some time been interested in the health industry as it relates to mobile development, evident in the recent unveiling of Samsung‘s new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The built-in heart rate monitor works directly with the pre-loaded ‘S Health Partner’ to track your fitness information. Below you will find the Top Five Best Free Health and Fitness Android Apps Review for Smartphones and Tablets.

Review of Top 5 Health Apps for Android Phones, Tablets

According to what’s written on Verizon Wireless about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, you can use the ‘S Health Partner‘ to «track your steps, challenge friends, earn badges and get on-demand healthy eating advice.» As a celebration of the push for health in our mobile times, check out these five health/fitness apps to prepare for any health-related question or activity, even eating!

Fitocracy App Review

Who said working out can’t be a game? With Fitocracy, an award-winning app developed by Fitocracy, Inc., users are encouraged to compete with their best workouts and to broadcast their activity to the app’s community to gain or give props, make friends, and all around encourage physical exercise.

Using tradition role-playing game elements like badges and leveling up makes for a more immersing experience with your daily workout. You can use your stats to compete with friends and compare your own stats from a previous workout with those of any other day. Download and Install Fitocracy App from HERE

Epocrates App Review

Epocrates is a one stop shop for all things prescription-related. The Android app, developed by the company of the same name, helps users find providers of specific drugs and defines how specific drugs interact when taken simultaneously. One impressive part of the latter feature is that one may put up to 10 drugs together and find the combined interaction between them.

Epocrates also includes a pill identifier in the event you find yourself with a dubious capsule or are unsure of the magnitude of the pill’s concentration. Additional features include performing calculations like your BMI and access to medical news. Download and Install Epocrates App from HERE

AllergyEatsMobile App Review

AllergyEatsMobile is an app developed by AllergyEats that lets you browse restaurants rated by allergy-friendliness. It’s an amazing concept that allows users to review restaurants across the country strictly related to the willingness of the restaurant to accommodate food allergies.

In addition, the app allows access to allergen lists and nutritional data even before the restaurant is visited. Should you find that perfect place for dinner, AllergyEatsMobile will also allow you to call with a tap or get directions immediately. Download and Install AllergyEatsMobile App from HERE

Strava Cycling App Review

For all the cyclists out there, Strava Cycling is a time-keeping and distance/course-mapping app developed by Strava, Inc. that keeps of track of your best times along certain routes of your ride. It uses the information to pit against other riders’ times in the same area. This can be a highly competitive and revealing app if you happen to frequent an area where many cycle routinely with Strava Cycling. Download and Install Strava Cycling App from HERE

SleepBot App Review

SleepBot is a nifty night-time Sleep Cycle Alarm developed by SleepBot to help you get the night’s sleep that you deserve along with the opportunity to wake up during the lightest sleep cycle to be the most alert that you possibly can. The app allows you to record your movements during the night as well as the sounds that you make. Sounds a little creepy, but it’s all in the name of good!

Based on its calculations molded to your personal sleep patterns, SleepBot is able to generate trend graphs of your sleep patterns over time. This is valuable information for your waking health, and the alarm function will wake you during light sleep to ensure that you feel properly rested as soon as you open your eyes! Download and Install SleepBot App from HERE

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