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Top 5 Must Have Office Android Apps Review of 2014

Are you looking for ways to make your hours in the office more fun and productive? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place! We all know how most people dread the idea of going to the office. It could be because of the overwhelming workload, the place is boring, or perhaps the entire workflow is just a mess! If that’s how your day to day office life looks like, then I can’t blame you if you dread the idea of going to work. Below you will find list of Top (5) Five Best Android Apps You Must Have In Your Office for smartphones and tablet devices because without these android apps you’ll feel miserable in your office.

Top 5 Must Have Office Android Apps Review of 2014

Then again, if you remain frustrated like that, then it’s not going to be anyone’s fault but yours. You HAVE TO look for a solution! The thing is, there are several ways for you to counter these kinds of challenges. And what I’m offering to you right now are apps that can help you deal with just that. After reading this guide, your office hours will never be complete without these apps!

Asana Android App Review

Asana is probably the best tool that you can use for team collaboration. It allows you to assign tasks, leave comments/feedbacks, create subtasks and view your project’s health (among many others). It’s very intuitive and it gets everyone on the same page helping your team focus on what needs to be prioritized thus your deadlines are met. Asana has worked perfectly for companies and are getting rave reviews for how effective it is. It’s time you experience it for yourself!  — Download and Install Asana App from HERE

Pomodroido Android App Review

I have to hand it to the Flying Signals (the creator of the app). Out of all the Pomodoro apps that I’ve tried using an Android phone, this one outclasses all the other ones BY A MILE! If you aren’t familiar with the Pomodoro technique, it is a technique used to increase your productivity and help you with time management. The concept is to break down your work into 25 mints interval and have a 5 minute break in between. This allows you to focus on your work without getting burned out. Thus, you’re able to accomplish more. — Download and Install Pomodroido App from HERE

Skype Android App Review

This is probably the nth time you’ve heard about Skype, but hey… what can I say? It really is important and it helps you with communicating with your team members in the office. You can do group chats, video calls, and screen sharing (among many others). This helps increase your efficiency instead of talking to all of your members ONE BY ONE about the same thing over and over again. — Download and Install Skype App from HERE

Gdocs Android App Review

What I think makes Gdocs a VERY POWERFUL tool for your office is how the documents can be edited by several people all at the same time and the changes are shown in real time. Not to mention the fact that it’s very easy to share your files, it’s free, and you have tons of document type to choose from. They have spreadsheets, documents; you can even create presentations, and so much more! — Download and Install Gdocs App from HERE

Amateur Surgeon Android App Review

I get it. You’re probably asking, “Why on earth did he include Amateur Surgeon here?” But my question to you is… WHY NOT?! We all know how you can be quite burned out when working so you have to take some time to rest and get your mind off of what you’re doing. And playing Amateur Surgeon is the best Android app you can use for that! Thousands have reviewed the app, downloaded and liked it so I’m pretty confident that you’ll like it too. If you’re sick and tired of being frustrated at work and you need something to help make your office hours more painless and A LOT more productive, then the Android apps above will surely do a swell job! — Download and Install Amateur Surgeon App from HERE

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