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Top 5 Technological Advances In Interior Design Industry

Technological Advances In Interior Design

This is the era of technological advancement. Now technology is changing every sphere of our lives. The contribution of technology is undeniable but particularly the industry of interior design has not witnessed much technological advancement till recent past. Designers still need to take care of every little detail of their works. Still, technological devices being the time saver and accurate recently has drastically changed the mindset of the designers. Technology is offering new products, changing the way of presentation and is changing the way of designing.

1. Development of Products and Designs: Now design your home or office by the interior designer you want online. First, answer all the queries of the designers and let them know which kind of design you want, discuss the plan elaborately by uploading sketches and pictures and then choose your package. Finally, you will get the finalized design, style board, floor plan, layouts of the rooms and the final shopping list. In this way, you save the time by avoiding back-and-forth meeting with the designers. You can suggest them some ideas about the furniture if you have it in your mind. These designers can customize those ideas efficiently. There are also many online stores available through which you can buy customized fournitures like you can buy beds at Amazon, eBay etc.

2. Efficiency and Collaboration: Building Information Modeling (BIM) and virtual reality have made it possible to coordinate and collaborate with many workers seamlessly with accuracy and reducing errors. BIM is a 3D model which helps to do the planning, designing, constructing and managing the designing projects more promptly. With the blessing of virtual reality, it has been possible for both the clients and the designers to finalize a plan much before they determine the viability.

3. 3D Printing: 3D Printing has left a huge impact on the interior designing industry. Though 3D printing has been there for 30 years, it has completely changed the way of creating, producing and manufacturing different materials drastically in recent past. Besides making each piece unique and customized, it has made it possible to make the materials cheap by avoiding raw materials. 3D printing is believed to make an industrial revolution. Now get away with costly and cumbersome interior designing. It saves both money and time and thus makes it popular. 3D printing can also be used to make intricate designs for furniture’s which machines and other gadgets cannot do.

4. Tiny House Movement: Most of the families are nuclear families now, therefore the houses are becoming small and tiny. As living spaces are getting downsized, the little space has to be utilized wisely and efficiently. Good designs and expertly crafted interiors have become very vital. In tiny houses, keep only those things which can be used in many ways like- a multipurpose storage units, multipurpose tables etc.

5. Sustainable Design: Due to global warming and many other environmental hazards, the homes and interiors are getting affected badly. So sustainable designs are becoming popular more and more each day. Designers are using eco-friendly materials for both landscaping and beautifying the houses. Eco-friendly materials may look shabby as interiors but they are so much in trend now. Materials which can be recycled and which are energy efficient are becoming common.

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