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Top 5 Ways to Remotely Print from an Android Phone or Tablet

5 Ways to Remotely Print from Android

Companies, firms, financial organizations, government organizations, tech-savvy individuals, common people need to print several documents almost every day to complete various useful works, such as to submit a business proposal to clients/customers, release PR, distribute notifications, etc.

It is impossible for anyone to be «tied» to the desktop computers at all the times to print necessary documents. So, they look for other options to print important documents easily and quickly.

Nowadays, Android devices are becoming increasingly popular due to various advantages. With the help of an Android device, you not only perform general activities (such as browsing the internet, making calls to others, sending SMS/MMS, taking pictures, etc.) but can also print important documents with a profound ease. It sounds amazing, but it is 100% true. But, how it is possible? Let’s find out.

1. Connect Your Android Phone to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB

It is perhaps the easiest way to print documents through an Android device. Just make sure that your mobile phone supports these technologies. If everything is ok, content your mobile device with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

The advantage of this method of printing is that it does not need the internet and an «intermediary» in the form of a PC or laptop. For USB, your smartphone or tablet should have USB Host support (Android 4.0+) to allow connecting peripheral devices.

2. Cloud Printing

Cloud printing is quite rampant these days due to the rapid development of cloud storage services. All leading printer manufacturers claim that their printers support this functionality without any fuss. You can print numerous documents using this service without the participation of a PC.

Just choose a cloud printing service and have an android mobile handset with the internet connection and Google Cloud Print software. If your mobile phone doesn’t have pre-installed Google Cloud Print software, download it from Google PlayStore. This enables you to print anytime at all places using your android mobile. For this, you need to have a Google account and a Chrome browser on your mobile. This system also works on printers that consume Lexmark ink cartridges for printing papers.

3. Virtual Printer

You can use this cloud printing service to print files and see the exact status of your printer. In order to use this application easily, just sign-in your Google account on a pre-connected peripheral device. Now, you can print documents in two different ways:

  1. By clicking on the printer icon and through other applications and
  2. By sending files to the “virtual” printer.

Choose page orientation, paper size, two-sided printing and color printing depending on the printer and driver you have installed. You can use Android 4.4 which comes with a preinstalled Google virtual printer as a plug-in to do cloud printing without any problem. You should buy ink cartridges online from trusted vendors to get the best quality prints while printing through a mobile device.

4. PrintHand

It is a robust print manager with friendly interface. It is helpful for all those individuals who live in remote areas and want to print papers with quality. It allows you to easily print documents, photos, web pages, contacts, Emails, SMS, etc, with the help of your mobile devices. It comes with a built-in file manager, browser and image viewer.

It supports OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Evernote, Facebook, etc. The availability of a printer installation assistant makes it easier for you to easily comprehend different types of printers, ink cartridges, and types of their connection.

5. Use PrinterShare On Your Android Device

If you are looking for a right application that could help you to print documents easily through mobile devices, PrinterShare is a nice option. It supports cloud printing via Google Cloud Print, direct printing via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a USB.

For this, you just need an Internet printer connected to its own server and there is no involvement of a PC. Using this application, you can easily print all types of documents, images, SMS, contacts, calls, calendar events, Emails, files from Google Drive, and Web pages.

The best thing about PrinterShare is that it has updated the database of drivers which helps you to find the required drivers manually if your printer is absent. So, you can print papers very well, even on an outdated printer model.

Just download the PC utility on printershare.com, signup, install the printer and open it up. You can configure the printing yourself with the help of instructions and preview the changes before giving it a final touch

This application is available in free and premium versions. If you use its free version, it has restrictions. You will be able to print only 20 pages through the remote printer. The premium version will cost you around $12.95.

Final Words:

Printing documents through mobile devices are gaining the momentum because of ease of use and mobility. Just use the above-mentioned tricks to print all types of documents easily and effortlessly through mobile devices. To print complex documents, you need to understand the necessary settings and various printing applications work.

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