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Top 6 Business & Finance Android Apps Review for Phones, Tablets

It’s remarkable how much work can be handled by a smartphone. Whilst most business owners still need their laptop for word processing, with the right Smartphone apps a great deal of that work can easily be done remotely. In below article you will learn How to Run and Control Your Business from an Android Phones & Tablets with official free Review of Top Six Business & Finance Android Apps for Business Executives that helps to run a business from Android phones and tablets devices.

Skype App Review

With an incredibly flexible platform which allows business owners to connect with clients and employees on practically any device, this VoIP app is still one of the best.
In addition to supporting instant messaging, the easy-to-use Skype platform enables business owners to conduct video conferences for free using the front-facing camera on their Android smartphone and if they upgrade their package they can also conduct group video conferences.

Moreover, by buying Skype credit they can make affordable phone calls to mobiles and landlines the world over. Download and Install Skype App from HERE
Google Calendar App Review
Still considered among the best calendar apps despite the growing number of similar apps in the Google Play store, Google Calendar is an excellent calendar app for business owners.
Fully integrated with Google’s ‘online ecosystem’ and boasting an intuitive interface, Google Calendar also features an excellent to-do-list that many business owners find helps them to stay productive when on the move. Download and Install Google Calendar App from HERE
Expense Manager App Review
Widely considered to be one of the top personal finance apps, Expense Manager boasts an easy-to-use interface and is incredibly feature packed, with more tools than most business owners and entrepreneurs know what to do with.
Expense Manager enables you to record, categorise and keep track of business expenses and also organises them into visual graphs. This is an excellent app for keeping track of your expenses and shouldn’t be limited to remote use. Download and Install Expense Manager App from HERE

Square Register App Review
Another free app, when you register for Square Register you’ll also receive a credit ‘card reader dongle’ without charge. This handy Android App is perfect for accepting credit and debit card payments on the move and it also allows you to enter your clients’ financial information manually.
Whilst Square Register takes a cut of the payments you receive, it’s easy to use and most business owners and entrepreneurs who use it find the costs are offset by an increase in business due to their ability to accept payments on the go. Download and Install Square Register App from HERE
Microsoft Remote Desktop App Review
An excellent smartphone app for business owners who frequently spend time away from the office on business, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is a reliable, secure app that enables business owners and entrepreneurs to connect remotely to their PC in the office from an Android smartphone.
As it’s free, the benefits of and the ease in which you can connect with your work PC can be seen as a means of offsetting the cost of investing in a full desktop version of Microsoft Office. Download and Install Microsoft Remote Desktop App from HERE
QuickOffice App Review
QuickOffice enables you to edit and send documents, presentations and spreadsheets on the move or from your virtual offices and also has more features than other office apps, plus it has greater compatibility with other devices compared to its competitors.
In addition to compatibility with Microsoft office files – use it with Microsoft Remote Desktop for a seamless transition between your Android smartphone and your PC – it’s considered to have better tools than other office apps and all editing takes place offline which many find reassuring. Download and Install QuickOffice App from HERE
With outstanding apps like these, running your business from an Android smartphone is a great way to get out of the office and work remotely. Why not run your business from the beach?

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