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Top 6 TV Channels Streaming Android Apps Review for Phones, Tablets

The world is becoming increasingly fast-paced with an even faster-paced generation moving within it. Multi-tasking is no longer a thing to marvel at, but rather a necessary skill to navigate through life. When it comes to keeping up with entertainment, many people do not have the time to sit in front of their televisions to enjoy their favorite shows. Since people are rarely without their Smartphone or tablet, there are brilliant Android Apps allowing us to watch favorite shows and movies while maintaining am on-the-go lifestyle. Top Six Best Free Live TV Channels Streaming Android Apps Review for Smartphones and Tablets is available below.

Top 6 TV Channels Streaming Android Apps Review for Phones, Tablets

Here are the top six apps that combine effortless interface with impeccable ability for truly awesome access to entertainment.

DirecTV App Review

For those with satellite, DirecTV offers a phenomenal app with unprecedented capabilities. Since DirecTV is readily available anywhere, the app can be accessed from any location as well. This means that when riding the train to work you can watch direct TV Brooklyn. Or when commuting on the bus, you can enjoy direct TV Los Angeles.

For direct TV customers with the Genie package, any DVR-ed show can be watched from any device in any location without the need for Wi-Fi. In addition, the app houses a library of available shows and movies that can be streamed through a user’s DirecTV account. Download and Install DirecTV App from HERE

Hulu Plus App Review

Hulu Plus offers users the ability to instantly stream most current shows over Wi-Fi or through a cellular service. Although there are commercials, it is well worth the $7.99 per month price to choose between current televisions episodes, watching old television series or watching classic moviesDownload and Install Hulu Plus App from HERE

Movies by Flixster App Review

Although this app does not actually allow users to watch full movies, it does allow all movie buffs to create their own “must see lists” of upcoming movies. Viewers can watch full-length trailers, read reviews and find show times. For film aficionados, this app is a key to keeping them from missing any movie’s release. Download and Install Movies by Flixster App from HERE

Netflix App Review

Like its website, the Netflix phone and Tablet app is one of the best streaming apps available. Netflix’s simplistic design is maintained in its mobile application and makes it easy to use. With its lack of commercials and almost never ending collection of movies, TV shows and documentaries, Netflix subscribers will love being able to keep up with their favorites while on the move. And Netflix is pioneering its own original series to offer more exclusive content to subscribers. Download and Install Netflix App from HERE

Watch ABC App Review

For residents in New York City or Philadelphia, viewers can live-stream local programming via this app. However, for those living in other locations, viewers can still utilize the app to stay up to date on their favorite ABC shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family and Revenge.

Users can pause any shows and resume from where they left off without any consequence. And in the event that a user forgot their headphones, closed captioning is available so others around will not be disturbed. Download and Install Watch ABC App from HERE

HBO Go App Review

Full of iconic and addicting shows like The Sopranos, Tru Blood, and most recently True Detective, HBO Go will make episode marathons that much easier. As long as a viewer has an HBO subscription, they can watch all movies, documentaries and TV shows whenever they want. Download and Install HBO Go App from HERE

These Android Apps ensure that even the busiest of people will be able to keep tabs on their favorite movies and shows.

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