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Top 6 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

From movies to music, we can find everything that can get us entertained online—that is, if the price is right.

Indeed, today’s pop culture is very free, but with limitations. If you need to access a large archive of media, you have to pay for it.

For sure, it is not the most practical thing to spend on entertainment, but that does not mean you can’t find a way to save a few bucks on your favorite films, games, and music on demand.

Save Money on Entertainment

Top 6 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

Here are a few tips to help you spend less on entertainment. Don’t worry, these are all legal!

1. Split your subscriptions

Whether it’s Netflix or Amazon Prime, you have a lot of options for movies and series worth an entire weekend of binge watching. Then again, signing up for costly subscriptions isn’t exactly the best thing to do, unless you split your monthly payments with someone you know, like a family or friend. This is definitely a perfect option for people who simply can’t afford the price of on-demand streaming. For sure, everyone wins with a shared subscription.

2. Look for the best deals

Want to have a subscription all to yourself? You might want to look for websites that can help you save money on streaming services. You may also need to look for mobile carriers offering affordable access plans. Be sure to compare two or more carriers to see which ones you can really flow with.

3.  Look for vouchers and promo codes

Another effective way to spend less on entertainment is to hunt down vouchers and gift cards. Typically, you can earn vouchers just about anywhere, through contests and special giveaways from other companies. For sure, there are actually websites where you can find amazing video streaming promo codes and discount offers you just can’t pass up.

4. Take advantage of cash back offers

If you’re a holder of a debit or credit card, then you can bet on getting cash back offers. You can also accumulate points that can give you free access to premium entertainment options and discounts on selected services. Opt for promos by companies that have partnerships with your favorite service providers.

5. Leverage freebies

Just as much as there is premium content, there are also free entertainment options you can always consider. YouTube, for instance, has a plethora of documentaries and classic movies you can watch in full and for free. But while much of the free content you can watch is not really popular, you can still find a few golden nuggets if you try hard enough. One easy hack is to save these videos using a YouTube downloader app so you won’t have to worry about buffering issues anymore.

6. Commit to a budget

Still, the best way you can save money on entertainment is to draft a monthly budget for that category. If you find it hard to keep track of your income and expenses, you can always use apps like Monefy to keep your finances in check.

Who says you need to get VIP tickets to have a good time? You only need a few of these tips to save money on getting quality entertainment.

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