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Top 7 Best Android Launchers for Phones, Tablets Review

One of the greatest advantages of android smartphones and tablets over iOS devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod is the freedom of customization. You can practically tweak your Android phone to the smallest detail, giving that personalized feeling in your gadget. Today, we are going to share the Review of Top Seven Best Launchers for Android Smartphones and Tablets for customization and personalization.

Top 7 Best Android Launchers for Phones, Tablets Review

If you’re still having trouble finding and downloading the best launcher Android App for your Android device then this is the list for you. Here are seven of the best app launchers in the market right now. Find them and determine which suits your style best.

Launcher Pro Review
Are you disappointed because you’ll never get your hands on that super cool Ice Cream Sandwich theme because your smartphone is left with the old (but still reliable) Gingerbread Firmware? Then Launcher Pro is the perfect theme for you!
This launcher is perfect for people who wish to tweak their smartphones without compromising scrolling speed. Of course, it also features a full-paid version that grants premium themes, widgets and the ability to resize apps to your liking. Download and Install Launcher Pro from HERE
Buzz Launcher Review
Do you want a launcher that prioritizes style above all? Look around no more because the awesome Buzz Launcher is here! Aside from the standard customization options, you can also make use of the gazillion user-created themes and widgets in the market. This app simply gives you the freedom to limitlessly tinker with your phone!
Indeed, this isn’t the best launcher for people who are looking for better phone performance. However, you can never deny the sheer awesomeness of changing your lock screen and app drawers on the fly. Download and Install Buzz Launcher from HERE
Nova Launcher Review
This is an app that focuses on providing customization options in the simplest way possible. Simply put, being able to tweak stuff without losing your patience in hundreds of sub-menus. Of course, this also means that your choices are cut down to size and thus, you need to consider how much optimization your phone really needs. Download and Install Nova Launcher from HERE
Go Launcher Review
Perhaps one of the most popular launchers in the market right now, Go Launcher is the app for people who want to customize even the most basic gestures in their screens, windows and lock screens.
This app has been voted as the best launcher in the market to date. You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for something that can improve your user experience. Download and Install Go Launcher from HERE
Zeam Launcher Review
The Zeam isn’t the most stylish launcher on this list. In fact, you’re going to have a hard time personalizing your widgets and gesture animations if you’re utilizing this app. Say goodbye to the flashy stuff because Zeam values phone performance above all. Even older Android devices will benefit from this launcher’s minimalist approach. Download and Install Zeam Launcher from HERE
Action Launcher Pro Review
An app that transforms your Smartphone into an instant bag of tricks. By using the Action Launcher Pro, you can create widgets from apps in an instant, set specific gesture commands and even make your own shortcuts to specific folders in a jiffy. If that’s not enough for you then you can also access the premium version for a price. Download and Install Action Launcher Pro from HERE
Google Now Launcher Review
This is the Android standard when it comes to launchers. Fortunately, it’s no slouch in terms of performance and practicality. Instant access to Google Now, hands-free voice controls and beautiful window-bars makes this the ideal app for the ever-busy young professional demographic.
Turn your smartphone into an extension of your personality by checking out the above mentioned launchers. Styling your device has never been this easy. Download and Install Google Now Launcher from HERE

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