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Top 7 Best Free Android Games Review of 2014 — Download/Install

Have you been playing the same Android games over and over again? Are you sick and tired of seeing the same game from dusk till dawn? Well, If you’re looking for other Android games that’s going to make you play the heck out of it, then this guide is what you’re looking for.

Allow me to share with you the Top Seven (7) Best Free Android Games of 2014 Review with official download links, that’s going to blow your mind to OBLIVION! Alright! Without further adieu… Here are the games!

Top 7 Best Free Android Games Review

Angry Birds Star Wars Game Review

We all know Angry Birds right? All of us also knows about Star Wars, is that correct? Now imagine combining both of them! You’ll get the mind blowing Angry Birds Star Wars. You can use Star Wars weaponry to wreck havoc on the space like scenery that’s also clearly very “Star Wars like”. And the best thing is… It’s FOR FREE! — Download and Install Angry Birds Star Wars from HERE

Replica Island Game Review

You’ll be amazed how fun this game is despite its storyline being a no brainer. Basically, you just have to guide the Andy look alike to the power called The Source. You can expect a lot of jumping, flying (though in brief moments), and stomping. What I love the most about this game is how you can blow up and destroy obstacles by detonating robots beside them. — Download and Install Replica Island from HERE

Tetris Game Review

Since it was released around 25 years ago, Tetris hasn’t lost even an inch of its glow. Though you can play Tetris for free, you’ll have to deal with the intrusive ads which can be quite frustrating at times. But aside from that, everything else is quite the same if not better. You’ll see a better and smoother graphics, but the gameplay is pretty much the same. — Download and Install Tetris from HERE

Subwaysurfers Game Review

While the concept is pretty much the same as Temple Run where it’s an endless running game, the game Subwaysurfers has more arsenal and enticing components to it that you’ll simply find it irresistible to stop playing. The idea is, you’ll keep on running through the subway tracks while collecting power-ups and coins and not to mention obstacles like trains. While a lot of gamers are playing the Subwaysurfers on their Android phones, you can also play it on other devices as well, like Windows or Mac PC/Laptop. — Download and Install Subwaysurfers from HERE

OpenSudoku Game Review

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of Sudoku so I’m not quite shocked how I’m addicted to Open Sudoku. Roman Mašek is the create and this is his first app ever. That said, we wish him more success in his career as a developer. This game has three levels (easy, medium, and hard). There are 30 mind blowing puzzles each level that’ll surely keep you playing the ENTIRE DAY if you aren’t too careful. 🙂 — Download and Install OpenSudoku from HERE

Aircontrol Game Review

At first glance, you’d think that you can probably play this game with a blindfold on with how easy and simple it looks. But as the game progresses, you’ll wish you’ll have 20 fingers on each hand so you can keep up with the game’s requirements. The idea is, you have an airstrip in the center of your Android device. You’ll then have to guide each plane to their airstrips making sure that they have a good landing and not collide. Seeing 1 — 2 planes might be very easy to manage but once you see A LOT of them coming all at once, that’s when all hell breaks loose! — Download and Install Aircontrol from HERE

Abduction Game Review

If you like seeing cute animals, then Abduction’s what you’re looking for! You’ll see penguins in parachutes and cute cows making the game look very easy to play. This game is so simple yet so fun to play! The gist of the game is for you to jump from “land-to-land” which the aliens stole from our planet. As you keep on jumping, you’ll get higher and higher into space, thus making the scenery change the higher you get.

These Android Games are quite addictive, so if you have anything important to do for the day, I STRONGLY suggest that you keep away from the games first. Otherwise, you might end-up playing the entire day! However, if you’re bored and have nothing important to do, then these games are EXACTLY what you need! — Download and Install Abduction from HERE

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