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Top 7 Biggest Digital Advertising Trends for Businesses — Infographic

Digital Advertising Trends

As we continue to traverse in the digital era, new methods and tools rise each year and then, all of which aims to push business further into greater heights. And nothing can be said less of the digital advertising world than it really helped many businesses for each size to grasp wider audience and establish stronger online presence today. Following we are sharing an Infographic based on Top Seven Biggest Digital Advertising Trends for Businesses in 2017.

Ever since the explosion of dot-coms and social media, most if not all businesses across the globe sensed that they need to adapt to such changes and developments in order to sustain their competitiveness in the market. And as such, one of the firsts business functions that have utilized these digital tools is the marketing and advertising.

From leveraging on traditional tactics like TV. Radio, direct mail, and print, modern technology has immensely shaped the world of advertising into a sector that fully embraces newer platforms like websites, social media, blogging, to name a few. This shift is not a necessity driven by competition, but by the changing dynamics of the global consumer as well.

All over the world, billions of people are now connected on the information superhighway aka the internet. In a marketing perspective, the internet is a perfect place for business to promote their brand and spread their message to a wider audience but with greater accuracy and measurable results that is rather not possible on traditional approaches.

But as ever-changing as conventional marketing and technology, changes and developments, as well as challenges, arise in this field each year, which no marketers should never ignore. In the past recent years, new buzzwords like native advertising and Google AMP starts to provide new opportunities, while the increased usage of ad blockers continues to be a challenge for many advertisers globally.

Regardless of whether you are new in this field of not, knowing these trends will help focus your efforts and resources on what will matter the most in digital advertising this year. In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below which reveals the top trending shifts and developments in digital advertising this year 2017.

  1. Increased usage of Mobile Ad Blockers
  2. Monetization of Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles
  3. Flat Growth Rate for Desktop Ad; Exploding Mobile Ad Revenue
  4. Google and Facebook continue to reign
  5. The rise of Programmatic Advertising
  6. More Outstream Videos
  7. Chatbots invasion

To learn how you can incorporate these trends into your digital advertising strategy this year, check out the infographic below from Digital Marketing Philippines.

Infographic: Top 7 Biggest Digital Advertising Trends for Businesses

Digital Advertising Trends - Infographic

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