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Top 8 Must-Have Apps to Track Lost or Stolen Android Devices

Losing a smartphone in today’s world is a big deal for everyone!

Today’s tech-savvy world is completely based on digital resources. Misplacing a smartphone can bring those safely saved secured and protected resources under immediate threat!

That’s why the latest android system has introduced a few smart mobile tracking apps that can trace the lost phone and help the user to recover it as soon as possible.

Apps to Track Stolen Android Devices

List of Apps To Track Lost or Stolen Android Devices

1. Life360

Known as a popular all-rounder location tracking app, it helps the user to get stolen Android phone. It allows the user to stay connected with the known acquaintances of the user with its latest location sharing feature.

It’s easy to create groups in the app and monitor the location of the lost phone on a private map that’s visible to group members. Tracking the location of the phone is quite easy with this app. The user needs to log into its website – Life360 from where once the device is lost the user can trace it easily.

One of the prominent features of this app is, its location history can be seen by the app group members.

Pinpointing some of the advantages associated with this app;

• Its group chat facility is easy to communicate with the members
• It sends real-time alerts about other location sign-ins
• Drive care feature available in the app connects with a representative in the case, in case if it’s emergency
• Its safety feature includes crash detection and roadside assistance to the user

But then again it comes with a number of limitations, which is;

• Only 2 days of location history can be traced in its free plan
• Crime report, emergency response, etc. can’t be seen in its free plan, unless it’s upgraded with an in-app purchase plan
• There isn’t any support for locking or factory resetting a lost device, unlike others

2. Find My Device

Google’s Find My Device is another efficient location tracking app that allows the user to track a lost phone which also includes a factory resetting system to safeguard personal data.

Some of its salient advantages are;

• Locating the lost device is easy by ringing the phone if it’s misplaced
• Messages can be displayed on the phone for contacting the user in case if someone finds it
• My Device shows a list of indoor maps for places like airports, shopping malls, where searching the phone becomes easy
• No extra in-app purchase needed to use the app (which means it’s completely free of cost)
• Privacy protection features available to allow the user for erasing the device contents once it’s lost
• Displays outdoor as well as indoor maps just like Google map

However, it’s not free from the limitations like;

• The app is meant for only android smartphone versions
• There is no group chat/group location tracking facility is provided in it unlike other phone tracking app

Those who use Google phones for them this app is really very useful.

3. Family Locator

Along with a great location tracking facility, it comes as a multi-location tool for the user as well as the other family members of the user, especially kids and older members of the family. It has a set of features that allows the user to track and communicate with other group members just like a group chat;

Some of its useful features are:

• Integrates with chat features which let the user communicate with their family
• It’s last 7 days location history can be checked and traced
• Helps the user to create safe and danger zones unlike other apps
• Allows user access for getting real-time alerts whenever a person has reached the zone or left the zone

However, it’s not easy for the user to lock or wipe the device as that custom facility is not provided in this app. So, it’s suggested for the user to know about the app before installing it on the phone from Play Store.

4. iSharing

Apart from allowing the user to track the family members, the app has some of the following features that turn it more competitive than the other mobile tracking apps like;

Some of its useful features are:

• Monitoring the real-time of the location
• Sends a notification to the group members whenever any of the group members left an area or reach to any specific area
• The user can view the location history of the group members

The most unique thing about it is, iSharing has a Panic alert that sends notifications to the other members whenever the phone is shaken.

This app doesn’t have any free version unless and until the user buys it as the free demo version of the app stays only for 7 days. After that, the user needs to purchase it for accessing it further.

5. Safe365

Just like other smartphone tracking apps its features are almost the same. The only uniqueness in the app is it lets the user know about some of these;

Some of its useful features are;

• Knowing the exact location of the family or group members along with their phone battery life
• Type of the internet connection they’re using
• The daily distance they’re covering

• Sends real-time alerts to the user when the device can’t be located
• Helps the user to remain connected with family members via social feeds

But the sad part is, the app cannot support sending alerts on a lost device. install it from here- Safe365.

So you better think twice before installing the app.

6. Xfi Locator

With a primary appearance as a straight forward app, this application was introduced for finding lost devices but the user can enjoy some of these leverages too in it;

Some of its useful features are;

• Detailed maps for better navigation
• Allows the user to register multiple accounts and devices
• Has alarm feature for ringing and vibrating lost device
• Enables the user to choose from the various map type
• Includes high resolution for viewing street maps from the phone
• Lost phone can be tracked by logging in the application by signing app’s website
• User access to ring on the lost phone that all other apps don’t provide

However, the data erasing facility is not provided in this app.

7. Familonet

Like other apps, Familonet has a great facility to track down the lost or stolen devices. Always helps the users to set up favorite destinations. It allows a user to send a notification to the other users of the app group if any of the users are in an emergency. The chart feature is available in this app.

The app can’t send alerts to any lost device or phone just like the Safe 365 app.

8. Track View

Just like other mobile tracking apps, the Track View app comes with a security surveillance facility that helps the user to monitor lost devices. The app has some of the following features;

Some of its useful features are:

• Sending instant alerts to the lost device
• Two-way audio feature

However, there’s one amazing feature in it that outsmarts other apps in front of it. Its video monitoring facility helps the user to keep a close watch on the surrounding through its camera.
Such a live video monitoring feature is indeed a rare catch for every user who keeps the phone tracking app on their smartphone.

These are few best apps that may help you to track, monitor and find out your phone if it gets lost along with some other features like tracking your family members, closed ones and other users of the app.

Choose the right one amongst these that suits best to you. Best of Luck!

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