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Top Best Five (5) iPhone & iOS Alarm Clock Apps Review with Download Links

Download Top Best Five (5) Alarm Clock Applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod Devices with Review and Prices

The iPhone comes with an alarm clock that is predictably named as the iClock. It has the basic alarm functions and works pretty well for most standard uses. For those of you who are looking for a snazzier alarm clock that has more features, the App market is the place to be. Unfortunately, there are more alarm clock apps than any one human could possibly need and many of them are poorly built. Here’s a look at the best iPhone alarm clock apps that have good reviews and have been tested for efficacy.

When you use a third party alarm app, remember to keep the alarm app in the foreground. If you forget to do this, then the app will work, but it your iPhone is in mute or vibrate mode, then the alarm ringer will not work. This is not the apps fault. Rather, it is the way the iOS has restricts the functionality of apps.

1)  Wake and Shake iOS App Review:

This alarm app has a very basic alarm clock with an interesting twist. It forces you to do a physical activity to shut off the alarm. The idea is to get rid of your sleepiness by forcing you to do a physical action. You have to shake the phone till a shake meter is filled to switch off the alarm. This cute alarm app costs just $1 on the app store. (Grab & Download Now)

2)  Alarmed iOS App Review:

This app is worth checking out as it is the exception to the rule that the app has to be in the foreground for the alarm to ring. Granted, this app does not have a customizable appearance or weather updates, but it is very utilitarian. It has timers and reminders and works even when the app is not on. (Grab & Download Now)

3)  Nightstand Central iOS App Review:

This $2 app is one of the most popular alarm clocks on the app store. Its main view displays the time and the weather. It allows you to toggle between the 12 hour and 24 hour format. You can even set up multiple alarms each with its own sound or music. An interesting feature that this app comes with is that is lets you turn on the iPhone’s LED light by just shaking the phone. It’s a very useful feature when you wake up in a dark hotel room while travelling. It also has a sleep timer that allows you to read a book or listen to music for a set time and then shuts is off so that it does not play throughout the night. (Grab & Download Now)

4)  Radio Alarm iOS App Review:

This $2 app has been crafted with a lot of thought regarding its look, feel and usability. As the name states, it wakes you up by playing music from the radio. You can choose your favorite station from over 30,000 stations using SHOUTcast RADIO. Some of the nice touches added include the ability to set the volume so that you don’t miss the alarm, have a vibrate mode and even fade-in the music so you don’t wake with a jolt. (Grab & Download Now)

5)  Alarm Clock Pro iOS App Review:

This app brings the standard bedside LED lit alarm clock to the iPhone. It’s no nonsense look is great for people who prefer simplicity and it has most of the basic features that you would expect from a good alarm clock. (Grab & Download Now)

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