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Top Six (6) Smart Apps That Don’t Slow Down an iPhone, iPad & iPod

There are over 900,000+ iOS Apps available for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, but many of them are slow, clunky, and bulky. Luckily, some developers have remained loyal to the art of the lightweight app for iOS devices. We have reviewed Top Six iOS Apps that will not slow down the performance of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Here are six of the smartest apps that will never fill your iPhoneiPad and iPod up and never let you down in terms of performance issue.

1.    Tube+ iOS App Review:

Tube+ iOS App
Weighing in at: 1.7MB

While the native YouTube app for iPhone is functional and attractive, it can be sluggish. Tube+ aims to create a simple, clean, and fast-moving interface that allows for easy access of YouTube videos and subscriptions. Top features of the app include: simple navigation for searches and subscriptions, easy selection of different video resolutions, easy video sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and an intuitive commenting system.

2.    NetNewsWire iOS App Review:

NetNewsWire iOS App
Weighing in at: 1.0MB

For those who like their news on the go, NetNewsWire provides a slim but highly functional interface for interacting with your Google Reader feeds. With the NetNewsWire software for PC or Mac, you can further customize your feeds without adding any unnecessary steps, features, or slow-downs to the iPhone app.

3.    Facebook 5.0 iOS App Review:

Facebook 5.0 iOS App
Weighing in at: 7.3MB

Facebook’s 5.0 version, released in August of 2012, cut down the application’s size and bolstered its speed by replacing the original web-based code with native iOS coding. This means that the application launches twice as quickly and photos, feeds, and other content load faster than ever before.

4.    SavySoda’s Documents iOS App Review:

SavySoda's Documents iOS App
Weighing in at: 5.3MB

While it’s bulkier than some of the other items on this list, that 5.3MB of space covers a lot of territory. SavySoda’s Documents is a lightweight document, spreadsheet, and image creator that provides speedy, practical functionality without the unnecessary bells and whistles. SavySoda rightfully brags that their app is currently «the only light weight [sic] mobile office suite.»

5.    Lotus iNotes iOS App Review:

Lotus iNotes iOS App
Weighing in at: 0MB

This enterprise-oriented web app has been tuned specifically for iPhone users through the «Ultralite» edition. This allows Lotus users to quickly access all the calendar, email, contact, and document data which are stored through IBM’s cloud hosting services. The Ultralite edition allows the data to load almost instantly.

6.    Adobe’s Photoshop Express iOS App Review:

Adobe's Photoshop Express iOS App
Weighing in at: 26.2MB

Adobe Photoshop Express proves that great solutions can come in small packages with this powerful image editing application. While it lacks many of the desktop functions (e.g., layers, brushes, etc.), the number of filters available and the effectiveness of those filters makes this an app well worth owning. Considering Adobe’s usual price tag, this app’s status as «free» is just one more pleasant surprise.

Whether you’re looking to re-master your photos, manage your workload, meander through Facebook, or just read the news, these apps can speed up the process without clogging up your iPhone, iPad and iPod hard drives.

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