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Top Web Technologies Used by American Companies [Infographic]

Web Technologies Used by American Companies

Your idea may be incredible and the aesthetic of your website may be dynamic, but the solid content and a good business model will not be enough to carry you to success.

There are a number of back-end and behind-the-scene technologies critical for the enhancement of user experience, targeting, and general engagement. Specific services can make your business thrive and correct decisions on facts such as where your site is hosted, how you proliferate and analyze data, or how your digital marketing strategy flows are crucial.

Many of these services are imperative for modern business and therefore there are a number of places to turn to and companies that provide them. How is it possible to determine which of these are the most reliable, and which technologies you might need to add to your arsenal?

GetVoIP gathered the strategies of 1200 of the fastest growing businesses in the US (as ranked by the Inc. 5000) and pulled out how prevalent each specific service is for this group of companies.

There are a number of reliable providers and products clearly being substantially used. In several categories, such as email services and server hosting, there seem to be clear leaders in the field.

For example, Gmail Apps for Businesses is well ahead of their next competitor (Microsoft Exchange) and their “G-Suite” includes the ubiquitous Gmail that integrates so well into other Google Mail products like Google Docs and Google Analytics. The pervasiveness of this tech makes it versatile too.

Of the categories represented in the graphic below, several are not about specific companies, but rather list a number of associated (though not as critical) services to see what percentages of successful companies are using these additional technological elements. The idea is to show how many of these services might be right for your business based on your ability to balance priorities and take advantage of advancements that help your company gain an improved digital presence.

Of the Supplementary Email Tools, for example, 73% of companies studied are using an SPF email validation system in order to protect their email from spammers and from being categorized as spam by servers. If you are not currently using an SPF system (and your email blasts aren’t getting the return that you would like) it might be time to consider investing in one.

Take a look at following Infographic to see more about what might make the best sense for your business and how you can foster improved growth through better technology.

Infographic: Top Web Technologies Used by America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Web Technologies Used by American Companies - Infographic

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