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Unlock and Root Android’s Galaxy S III (S3) GT-i9300 with CF-Root Tool — Tutorial

After the revolutionary Jailbreaks of Apple iOS devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which provides total controlling and root access of a device to the owner, now Android Jailbreak has started following iOS Jailbreaking but unlike iOS Jailbreaking Android has started to get Rooted. Basically Android devices itself a open source platform which provides total controlling of operating system itself to users like changing the framework, themes, adding add-ons, installing free and paid apps etc. Android OS is most customizable and moddable mobile operating system with user friendly framework but gaining root access still adds an extra dimension and authority to its owner which allows you to go even deeper with your Android device’s and do much more full-on customization. An average Android user can easily customize Android OS without any hustle or difficulty but still there are some features and options that a user cannot access due to some restrictions on its programming.

Android Root Samsung Galaxy S III

For the full controlling, customization and to avoid restrictions on Android devices Rooting Android device is best option. CF-Root Tool is considered to be the easiest method of Rooting Android particularly for those who are just newbies and rookie and have started using Android device. The rooting of Android Smartphones couldn’t be easy without a CF-Root Tool. A member of active Android community known as «Chainfire of XDA Developers» has released the tool which includes root permission management app SuperSU, ClockWorkMod build 5.5, as well as CWM Manager. Now let’s start the Android device Rooting with Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT-i9300 Smartphone, So if you are a Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) owner you can Root your Android device with easy steps and procedure with CF-Root Tool. You don’t need to be PRO in this; an average or newbie Android user will also do it. So let’s get started.
How to Unlock and Root Android’s Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 with CF-Root Tool?
Before you follow our steps by steps tutorial and guidelines of Rooting an Android device with CF-Root Tool you must have Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 Smartphone, no other device will work here. (To check your device model: navigate through Settings > About device > Model Number on your Samsung Galaxy S III). Now let’s start the Tutorial and Guidelines to Unlock and Root Android’s Samsung Galaxy S 3 GT-i9300 with CF-Root Tool.
Download Requirements to Unlock and Root Android’s Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 with CF-Root Tool:
Android+SLP Screen
Tutorial and Guide to Unlock and Root Android’s Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 with CF-Root Tool:
Step 1: Download ODIN 1.85, which is the tool you’ll need to flash the CF-Root package onto your device.
Step 2: Download the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.zip package, and extract.
Step 3: Once you’ve unpacked your CF-Root archive, you should end up with CF-Root-SGS3-v6.0.tar
Step 4: Ensuring your device is not connected to your computer, run ODIN.
Step 5: Click PDA, and select the .tar you extracted back in Step 2.
Step 6: Place your device into Download Mode by turning it off, and holding Volume Down + Home + Power simultaneously. Once that’s done, reconnect your phone to your computer.
Step 7: Ensuring the Repartition option is not checked, click Start, and after ODIN works its magic (should take around thirty seconds), the job is complete, and your Samsung Galaxy S III will have basic root access! Congratulations!! Your Android device SG S3 is now Rooted with CF-Root Tool.
Video Tutorial to Unlock and Root Android’s Samsung Galaxy S III GT-i9300 with CF-Root Tool:

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