• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

Visitors Behavior On Serving Ads Of Websites and Blogs

Do you know how your visitors feels and reacts on several serving advertisements on websites and web blogs? Placement of Ads is very important factor when you are publishing any type of advertisements in your website because it’s a perfect placement which decides whether your visitors or readers are going to click on your serving ads or not and it’s directly impact on your revenue. Most of the visitors and readers avoid bad ads placement and they don’t even consider that particular content which contains several non-relevant ads.

Every webmaster has to look forward to place their ads according to their web theme and design. If your website or webpage content is good enough to gain more audience from Search Engines than perfect ad placement can give you good earnings from your ads. According to the latest survey report almost 30% to 40% visitors and readers likes to click on ads which serves valuable and trusted brands with most relevant content in it and almost 50% of visitors hates and avoid to click on pop-up ads. Following Infographic will helps you to understand how people behave and reacts when they see any serving’s ads on websites and web blogs, it helps you to understand how to deliver your ads and where to place your ads to avoid maximum bounce rate and to keep remains the interest of your readers and visitors.

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