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Which Real Estate in Dubai is More Profitable to Invest In?

The Dubai market is booming and shows a high rate of sales growth. International real estate agencies in Dubai are advised not to postpone the decision to those thinking about moving to a permanent place of residence or buying an apartment as an investment. Housing costs have already increased and are likely to grow next year. Let’s try to figure out which investments are more profitable: ready-made Arab real estate or off-plan properties.

Properties in Dubai for Investment

The main trends in the UAE real estate market

Expo 2020 revives the Dubai market. The drop in demand caused by the global pandemic has been overcome. The third quarter showed record numbers not seen since 2014. As for sales, last year’s results overlapped in September 2021. Ready-made real estate and off-plan properties are in high demand. They attract the attention of potential investors with a flexible payment system and affordable prices compared to new buildings that have already been commissioned. If in 2019, studio apartments were in demand in the rental housing market, in 2020-2021, buyers are interested in buying premium housing. According to ValuStrat, the price increase and the number of deals for villas and houses in prestigious places showed double-digit figures.

Advantages of real estate under construction in the United Arab Emirates

The borders for foreign investors in the UAE have recently been opened. And until now, there is a division into zones where you can own real estate or rent it for a long time. However, this does not prevent you from choosing the best option in one of the most popular emirates in the country. Off-plan properties are in demand as ready-made, but have several advantages:

  • Attractive prices: Apartments under construction are much cheaper than those commissioned.
  • Flexible payment scheme: Developers will benefit from customer interest, so the latter can buy housing in several stages, which is impossible when purchasing ready-made housing.
  • High profitability: The apartment automatically becomes more expensive when it is put into operation, so if you want to resell it, you can profit several tens of percent.

It should be noted that the owner of the off-plan property can use it as he wants. It is always possible to sell apartments at the construction stage.

Wide choice: flats, apartments, villas

About 60,000 residential buildings are commissioned or built every year in Dubai. This allows you to choose between budget options and luxury real estate. Central districts and tourist zones have great potential. However, if you select housing for permanent residence, your choice is unlimited. The website https://www.axcapital.ae/ contains up-to-date ads from local real estate agencies and developers. The region’s pricing policy is available for you in real-time.

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  1. Dubai is one of the most popular places in the world to invest in real estate. There are many reasons for this, including the strong economy, favorable tax laws, and luxurious lifestyle.

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