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Why Android Rooting is Important? Reasons to Root Android Phones, Tablets

Rooting means getting root access to your Android smartphones and tablets device. This is usually done for an android phone. Rooting an android phone helps the user with privileged control of the device. Android rooting opens up a world of possibility, but it can also leave you with a bricked device, if not performed carefully and professionally. In this article you will find the Top 7 Best Reasons to Root your Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Why Android Rooting is Important. Reasons to Root Android Phones and Tablets

What is Android Rooting?

By rooting an android phone one can modify the software or firmware of the device on the deepest level. Rooting involves a bit of hacking, it voids your warranty, but you may not break your phone completely. The latest available Android 4.4.x KitKat mobile operating system can also be “Rooted”. Android Rooting is similar to iOS Jailbreaking done on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.
Top 7 Benefits of Rooting Android Smartphones and Tablets
Android Rooting has the following advantages for the android users.
Plenty of Apps:

Google Play has some apps, but apps which are accessible through rooting are much greater. By rooting one does not only get access to more number of apps, but one can get deep into the phone’s brains too! This is not all that rosy as it sounds. Network Spoofer uses the android device for setting up a fake wireless network. This is harmful. One gets access to expanded superpowers by rooting the android phone.

Latest Mobile OS Updates:

Developer community of Android is a hard core bunch. They are able to get a new OS onto a phone months before the carrier releases the update with a few bonus features. Once rooted, you have the provision of getting the OS version you want which is done very easily.

Bloat Banishment:

Android phones do not only have the OEM skins, but a few superfluous apps which one may not use at all. One cannot remove them either. In android 4.1 one can disable those apps and one does not see them afterwards. But they are still there occupying some space. After rooting one can use Titanium Backup to delete them once and forever.

Increase Speed / Battery Life:

Rooting allows users to install customized kernels that are optimized differently. Some of them are made for low-power consumption, yet others are built for speed. Set CPU is an app which can be used to over clock or under clock the phone’s processor and rules can be set for usage. The processor should draw bare minimum power when the screen is off.

Infinite Availability of Features:

Android Rooting does not only customize an android phone’s existing features, but it also helps the user to pile on all kinds of features. An android user can hook up his Play Station controller to his phone for better gaming. A user can also set rules for callers to decide who can and who cannot call him.

Better Back Up Solution:

Once the android phone is rooted, the user can go a long way into increasing the back-up. Titanium Backup can back up all your apps and it can back up all information stored in those apps as well.

More Customization:

Android is the most customizable mobile OS in the world. The user can download custom ROMs which do not look like Android at all. You can use a sliding keyboard when you are in portrait mode, and a tapping, predictive keyboard when you are in landscape. Keyboard manager helps the user to automatically switch between the keyboards of the users’ choice whenever the phone is rotated.

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