• Вс. Июн 4th, 2023

Why Apple is Most Valuable Company in terms of Profit and Revenue

Apple seems to be the insuperable sultan among technology providers today. No wonder that the decade’s golden arena has raised the company to possibly become the world’s most valuable company ever.

Here is how the elusive feat was possibly achieved.

Apple went past the record revenue of $620 billion set by Microsoft in 1999. The company has made a whopping $623 billion. Its stock values rose rapidly owing to optimism over the release of the iPhone 5 and a possible smaller and inexpensive iPad. It has continued to be the world’s most valuable company since last year and today it is possible the most valuable one “ever”.

According to analysts Apple, iPhone revenues piled up more than Microsoft as the former is worth more than Google and Microsoft put together. Apple had already grabbed the number one status on the worth of the company, overtaking Exxon Mobil a year ago.

Share prices up due to two major players:
The impending arrival of the fifth generation iPhone after the success of its previous generation smartphones is a major cause of the increase in Apple’s share prices. The rumor over apple’s new cut-piece iPad is yet another share-price booster.
Microsoft, the unhappy rival:
Obviously, it would take a while before Microsoft could come to terms with this new change. The former leader hit back stating that the definition of criteria for being the most valuable company is not all that good. It has also claimed that its long-lasting enterprise client relationship is better than that of Apple’s. Hence it could do business on a larger scale than that of Apple.
Apple’s ‘Think Different’ slogan:
Apple has come a long way with the ‘think different’ motto. Analysts believe that the company has lot of room to grow further. Apart from the iPad and iPhone, Apple’s plan to make television sets would complete its share of customer electronic product offers. Apple has always made it a point not to comment on its upcoming products until the last few days of release.
Arguments against Apple’s new status:
According to issues published in Techcrunch and few other technology review sites, Apple may not be the most valuable company ever. It further suggests that neither Apple nor Microsoft is the world’s most valuable companies. It’s IBM that tops the chart.
These sources claim that Apple takes the number one spot without taking the inflation into account. One the contrary, IBM is the historic winner.
There are few other sources claiming that Microsoft is the definite leader when the inflation is taken into account. They say Apple has had an incredible run but its development is not enough to grab the crown as the most valuable company ever. Apple would have been the clear winner if the inflations were not taken into account. But even Steve Jobs would not have had the pleasure in winning the title with the ‘ifs and buts’ in place.
Techcrunch also agrees that Apple has all the ingredients to become the most valuable company if it grows at this rate. The New York Times predicts that Apple would be worth $3 trillion by 2020 which is greater than the gross domestic product of Brazil and France.
Whatever said and done, Apple is definitely on a role. Just like the Apple fruit, the Apple Company seems to have tremendous strength. Watch out for its upcoming products and market shares. The future could be all about Apple.

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