• Ср. Май 31st, 2023

Windows XP Supports will be Ends on April 8, 2014: Microsoft

Again Microsoft is reminding its Windows XP operating system users that No More official Supports will be offer to Windows XP after two years from now. Microsoft on its latest post on Windows Blog claims that company is again and again reminding its users to officially switch from 10 Years Old Windows XP to the latest Microsoft OS Windows 7. Even though Windows XP is over 10 years old now but still Windows XP is used by over 46 percent of PCs users worldwide as compared to the Windows 7 OS which shares over 37 percent of worldwide users.

Microsoft on its blog further said that, it will stop technical support for Windows XP as well as Microsoft Office 2003 after April 8, 2014. Microsoft’s spokesperson Stella Chernyak further said that businesses in particular should not wait until the company releases Windows 8 or Microsoft Office 15 later this year 2012 to make the big upgrade and she quoted on her statement that:

Not only is it important for companies to complete deployment before support runs out, but they should also be aware that by upgrading to Windows 7 and Office 2010 today they can gain substantial results today while laying the foundation for future versions of these products. And with over 525 million Windows 7 licenses sold since its release, many customers are already taking advantage of everything Windows 7 has to offer.

So if you guys are still using Windows XP i recommended you to switch to the latest Windows 7 Operating System as soon as possible so that you can get all latest Windows updates from Microsoft in future also.

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